Union Customs Code (UCC) transition

Benefit from our expertise to turn the UCC Work Programme into tangible results.

Since the entry into force of the Union Customs Code (UCC) on the 1st of May 2016, EU National Authorities (NAs) and the European Commission (DG TAXUD) have undertaken a major program – also known as Multi-Annual Strategy Plan (MASP) –  to align their IT systems to the newly defined legal framework. The achievement of MASP is a long and complex process with lots of dependencies that makes the UCC implementation extremely challenging particularly for the EU27 national authorities, which have to deal with local constraints on top of MASP-related ones.

What we do

Our Enterprise Architects and Customs digitalisation experts can help your organisation by:

  • Supporting NAs in adopting effective governance for the  implementation of UCC-related projects under the MASP, and reinforcing key digital government architectural and governance principles;
  • Supporting NAs in the onboarding process of TAXUD’s UCC Process Models;
  • Supporting the adoption of SOA patterns for electronic Customs;
  • Addressing data integration and harmonisation issues, in particular concerning the adoption of the EU Customs Data Model (EU CDM);
  • Contributing to initiatives focused on Trade Facilitation and improved end-user experience.

The results you can expect

Sustained UCC strategy

A sustained UCC strategy allows leaders in the National Administrations to transform public Customs services according to plan (MASP) and build operations that are adaptable, responsive and sustainable.

Improved digital maturity

National Administrations and TAXUD can focus on the effective and innovative use of data in redesigning and delivering Customs and Indirect Taxation services, and in transforming and managing operations.

Improved service to end-users

Ensuring that UCC transformation differs from traditional e-government modernization by focusing on the added value to end-users (Economic Operators, Customs officers, citizens) and on the innovation potential of data.

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