Digital government services

Benefit from our expertise to focus on the effective and innovative use of data in redesigning and delivering government services.

There is increasing global recognition that the transition to Digital Government can no longer be deferred. Many Customs & Taxation administrations, the European Commission, or other central bodies are working to better articulate their digital ambitions and justify why their investments represent value through the outcomes that will be delivered.

What we do

Our Enterprise Architects and Customs digitalisation experts can help your organisation by:

  • Assessing the digital maturity of the organisation using reference maturity models and tools;
  • Creating the roadmap, critical activities and initiatives for the different phases of a digital government transformation;
  • Identifying opportunities to improve the end-user experience by developing end-to-end digital services that cut across agency silos;
  • Reinforcing key digital government architectural and governance principles at the enterprise level;
  • Evaluating conformance with digital practices among individual government agencies while promoting innovation based on better management of data assets.

The results you can expect

Sustained strategy

A sustained digital government strategy allows leaders in the National Administrations (those of Customs but not only) to systematically transform public services and build operations that are adaptable, responsive and sustainable.

Improved digital maturity

National Administrations and central bodies can focus on the effective and innovative use of data in redesigning and delivering government services, and in transforming and managing operations.

Improved service to end-users

Digital transformation differs from traditional e-government modernization by focusing on the added value to end-users (businesses, citizens) and the innovation potential of data

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