Post-Brexit transition

Benefit from our expertise to help your business align to post-Brexit rules.

Manufacturers and transport providers are moving ahead to implement the new rules caused by Brexit. Inevitably, much of this is “learning by doing” has begun to show some of the realities and obstacles that Brexit has brought. Companies have discovered that Brexit has created several (expected and unexpected) operational changes that make trade more difficult than before.

What we do

Our Customs experts can help your organisation address a wide range of Brexit-related topics:

  • Review and assessment of your current customs and logistics arrangements
  • Recommendation to adapt these arrangements to comply with post-Brexit requirements
  • Identification of the necessary (digital) transformations required to comply with post-Brexit rules
  • Secure extra customs knowledge through customs training

The results you can expect

Strengthened compliance

Adhere to new legislation requirements caused by Brexit while reducing operational and financial risks due to non-compliance

Improved processes

Establish robust, fast, predictable customs processes aligned to Brexit requirements that improve the daily activity of your trade department

Customs duty optimisation

Benefit the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) between the UK and EU that was agreed on December 24th, 2020. Reduce the waste of unnecessary duty costs as well as the risk of underpayment.

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