Automation of customs processes

Benefit from our expertise in the field of process digitalisation to automate your Customs operations.

The international context creates new challenges for companies operating globally regarding the flexibility of their sourcing model, the transparency and resilience of their supply chain, and their ability to satisfy customer demand. Very often, such challenges are addressed by revisiting the operating model of trade departments and evolving towards a higher level of automation of their Customs & Global Trade Compliance processes, whether in concerns supply chain assessment, pre-filing, filing, or post-filing activities.

What we do

Our Customs digitalisation experts can help your organisation by offering the following services:

  • Review and assessment of your current customs-related processes
  • Identification of areas where automation can be beneficial
  • Modelling and design of – to be automated – processes
  • Implementation of the automated processes from specification, build and test, to deployment and maintenance
  • Transition & change management, follow-up, and continuous improvement of automated processes

The results you can expect

Strengthened compliance

Automated Customs processes allow for strengthened compliance through the early detection and the reduction of errors following a ‘Sense – See – Understand – Act’ operating pattern

Improved processes

Automation discharges compliance practitioners from all those repetitive tasks where human-added value is not required. As a result, they can focus on those tasks where automation is either impossible or too costly, thus improving the overall efficiency of the organisation

Cost optimisation

Automation allows the processing of an important number of tasks, which would incur important costs or which would take too long if they would be done manually. If done the right way, automation can become an important factor in cost reduction.

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