Supply Chain Resilience

Benefit from our expertise to reinforce the resilience of your supply chain and mitigate the risk of business disruption.

With the current context of international tensions, business disruption is becoming the new normal. Manufacturers (OEM, Tier-x) are eager to return to growth and re-establish business momentum but are challenged at every turn to keep visibility and control over their supply chain. Adapting the operating model of Trade Departments and adopting new innovative technologies is helping establish a robust and resilient business ecosystem for weathering business disruptions and keeping the focus on business outcomes.

What we do

Our Customs digitalisation experts can help your organisation by:

  • Identifying key critical business areas that are constraining business achievements;
  • Developing a combined business-IT group to explore where technology innovation could apply;
  • Using the combined business and IT resources to run rapid Proof of Value (PoV) projects to validate a technology’s use in the supply chain;
  • Targeting efforts around integration, visibility and data to address these three key weaknesses during periods of disruption;

The results you can expect

Improved efficiency

Driving business process improvements by creating resilient foundations to deliver transformational outcomes

Improved digital maturity

Driving digital supply chain transformation by exploring new technologies (being augmented or bundled)

Sustained growth

Driving revenue/profit growth by finding IT innovations to win and scale the business

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