Customs consulting services

Benefit from the cutting-edge expertise of our Customs experts and improve your day-to-day performance.

Customs operations have long been seen as a back-office activity, something that companies do because ‘they have to’. In reality, by their cross-cutting nature, customs operations affect all areas of the business, from materials planning, purchasing and finance, transportation and logistics, to warehousing and processing, and are intrinsically linked to the overall productivity of the business.

What we do

Our Customs experts can help your organisation address a wide range of  Customs-related topics:

  • Legal review and alignment to Union Customs Code (UCC)
  • Review of  ‘as-is’ Customs processes and recommendations for improvement
  • Customs business process modelling and hand-over to IT teams
  • Customs clearance process analysis and optimisation
  • Expertise in customs matters (classification, origin, valuation, temporary storage, special procedures, import, export)

The results you can expect

Strengthened compliance

Adhere to current legislation while reducing operational and financial risks due to non-compliance

Improved processes

Establish robust, fast, predictable customs processes that improve the daily activity of your trade department

Customs duty optimisation

Benefit from available free trade agreements. Reduce the waste of unnecessary duty costs as well as the risk of underpayment.

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