Code of Ethics

First and foremost, with this Code we strive to foster strong culture of ethics and responsibility within the whole organisation. It is based on Vivansa core values and principles and is an important resource for making the right decisions in case of doubt.

The everyday work of Vivansa is supported by a framework of values, expectations and requirements, which guides us in the relations with our partners, clients, colleagues and the society. These rules affect the way we do business, communicate with each other and interact with the whole ecosystem. They guide us in building trust and long-lasting partnerships, as well as in working toward sustainable development.

The following Code of Ethics applies to all aspects of our work and activities, as well as to all of us. When we mention the words “we”, “us” or “our” we are referring to all of us at Vivansa – employees, managers, partners and entities, which together form the Vivansa network. Therefore, we expect each of us to be familiar with the Code and to follow it when acting on the behalf of the company.

Our purpose is to deliver quality services and meaningful innovations for development of the eCustoms sector, which leads to improved public services, smoother customs operations and strengthened security. Delivering on that purpose would be impossible without following a set of simple, still universal values, such as: respect, responsibility, loyalty, trust, passion for innovations and delivering quality results. This Code sustains our desire and ability to behave in a way, which is consistent with our values. It also represents a confirmed set of expectations for our conduct, as follows.

I, the undersigned, Vivien G. R. Monti, CEO of Vivansa, undertake on my honour to ensure that this code of ethics is respected within the company and in the relationship with our clients.


Respecting everyone’s rights as individuals and not tolerating any disrespectful treatment are key values in our culture. Constant efforts towards healthy working environment and integrity of our relationships are things that we just cannot go without. Thus, we demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards of ethics and professional behaviour in all dealings with our clients, colleagues and partners.

We are fully committed to equal opportunities to all our employees and all of them are recognized for who they are and what they contribute.

No one who is employed at Vivansa or who the company is partnering with, should be discriminated because of their race, physical disability, illness, religion, sexual orientation, political views, age, nationality or gender. We value the diversity of our team and we think of it as a competitive advantage.

Any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse among our employees or in the relations with our clients and partners is absolutely forbidden.

We respect the local culture of our employees, clients and partners and we always take into consideration the traditions of the countries in which we operate.

We encourage open communication and speaking-up when there is an issue; we engage in dialogue, stimulate raising questions, and respectfully debate concerns.

We respect our people and invest in their career growth by encouraging continuous learning, personal development and career progression. We also respect the career path they have chosen and support them to grow in the desired by them way.

We follow all laws and regulations of the country we operate in. We also comply with our internal policies and standards.

We maintain secure and healthy conditions in the workplace.

We take responsibility for our own actions and hold each other accountable. We have a shared responsibility to act ethically as individuals and as professionals.

We act responsibly toward our clients. In order to serve them by meeting the highest standards, we continuously maintain and develop our relevant skills and knowledge.

We respect the privacy and confidentiality of information shared by all our stakeholders and we act responsibly toward sharing own and 3rd party information.

We keep the information well-organized and easily-accessible, but maintain a high level of security.

We are honest and accurate in all reports, disclosures, analyses and any other documentation prepared by us for our clients, partners or for an internal use.

We use company resources (e.g. brand name, information systems, facilities, equipment, money, etc.) in a way that is appropriate, reasonable and lawful.

We respect others’ intellectual property rights. We also protect our own intellectual property.

We are committed to competing fairly and honestly, no matter the market or the country we operate in.

We establish partnerships with companies that conduct their business affairs in a professional and ethical manner.


We value the involvement of everyone in our community. We are committed to creating a trustful environment, where everyone feels welcome, as long as they act in a responsible, honest and loyal manner.


No matter who the client or the project is, delivering quality services and solutions is our top priority. Delivering them on time is equally important. We put all our efforts and resources to comply with both of these requirements for achieving successful results.

We deliver high-class services and solutions and we focus on quality in everything we do.

We follow and maintain our internally defined business processes.

We continually work toward improvement of our processes and services.

We ensure that our deliverables are managed in accordance to the set time frame. If anything has gone wrong, we honestly discuss the issue with our clients and the interested parties, as well as propose adequate solutions.

We encourage personal growth and constant learning for always delivering better quality and results.

We maintain clear quality standards in order to identify quickly any quality issue.


Innovations are the driving force, which brings us to life. They are part of our DNA and we embed them into the fibers of our culture, from the core to the periphery. Meaningful innovations provide us with the sense of joy and content, as well as with the opportunity to make the world a better place.

We strive to address the emerging clients’ needs in an innovative way by always providing better solutions which meet their requirements; on all occasions, we aim at providing the most effective processes, services, solutions, technologies or business models.

We support the transformation of the sector in which we operate by providing innovative services and solutions that transform the society and contribute to sustainable development and reduced environmental impact.

We maintain a current view on the Customs sector and the latest technologies in the field, in order to keep ourselves up to date; continuous learning is a key factor to our ability to innovate.

Each of us is an integral part of Vivansa environment that encourages innovative thinking and praises technology; we are always keen on participating to cross-functional collaboration.

We aspire ourselves and we are open to new ideas and approaches; all of us are brave enough to propose such and we always listen to each other while doing so.

We strive for operational efficiency and advanced cost management, as we believe this contributes to reduced climate changes.

We develop eCustoms solutions for implementing paperless operations. We also implement the concept for a paperless office within our organisation.

We encourage the use of renewable materials and environmentally friendly packaging.

We work toward reducing waste, recycling and re-use, when possible.

We avoid unnecessary travel and responsibly consume energy and water.


We are well-aware of the limited and decreasing resources of our planet. Along these lines, we believe that each of us should be a role model bringing some positive change. At Vivansa we aim at minimizing the negative impact of our work by promoting some good practices toward sustainable working (and living).