Global trade management strategy

Benefit from our expertise to reshape your global trade management strategy in light of the current international context.

Due to the current international context, companies having a global footprint (e.g. big manufacturers) have started a ‚Äúregionalisation or localisation‚ÄĚ of their physical supply chains. The relocation of supply chains requires these companies to re-think their global trade management strategy, as it will broadly impact their operations: redesign routes; seek new partnerships with other suppliers; comply with different regulations; and, calculate the financial impact of sourcing goods from a different point of origin.

What we do

Our trade advisors can help your organisation reshape its global trade management strategy by:

  • Conducting an agile assessment of risk in the targeted country to identify which globalisation enablers are most critical to local operations;
  • Analyzing the risk in local operations by using a combination of local knowledge and external data sources;
  • Preparing contingency plans for impacted enablers (considering future global events);
  • Creating a decision point for exiting each country by setting a critical level for each globalization enabler;
  • Identify which globalisation enablers are most critical to local operations, analyze their level of risk and plan for the impact of possible future events;

The results you can expect

Proactive management

Proactive management through the creation of plans that encompass evolving globalisation risks, covering which countries to enter or trade in, where global operations should be located, or how supply chains should be designed.

Improved flexibility and resilience

Ability to quickly react to changing international or local contexts, to flexibly reconfigure the physical supply chain through higher diversification of sourcing, and to mitigate the risk of business disruption.

Strengthened compliance

Mitigate the risk of non-compliance – both financial and reputational – to respond to the rapidly changing nature of globalisation, which is challenged by major geopolitical, economic, and technical shifts.

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