About us

Why Vivansa?

Vivansa’s reason to be, our “why,” is deeply rooted in the vision that “borders divide, Customs unite“. This powerful statement represents Vivansa’s aspiration, at its humble level, to contribute to building a better world, one that promotes legitimate and responsible trade between people. This contribution materialises into concrete achievements that empower organisations to navigate the Customs and Trade compliance landscape, ensuring adherence to regulations and fostering responsible business practices, contributing to the growth of economies, the well-being of communities, and the preservation of the environment.

Vivansa’s commitment to turning this vision into reality is a strong motivation for both its employees and partners. It serves as a guiding principle that inspires and guides their work. The vision provides a sense of purpose and direction, reminding employees of the meaningful impact they can make in contributing to the promotion of legitimate and responsible trade practices.

This motivation resonates throughout Vivansa’s culture. We foster an environment where our employees are encouraged to innovate, think creatively, and develop solutions that align with this vision. This shared purpose and passion create a sense of unity and collective drive within the company. Vivansa also actively collaborate with organizations and stakeholders who share these values and are dedicated to advancing legitimate and responsible trade. By working together, we leverage collective expertise, resources, and networks to create comprehensive solutions that address the challenges faced by organisations in the field of Customs and Global trade compliance.

What we do

Vivansa delivers high-class advisory services and technology solutions to organisations facing Customs & Global Trade Compliance digitalisation challenges. Renowned as “The eCustoms People,” our team of over 30 professionals is comprised of customs experts and IT specialists with extensive knowledge of customs-related business processes. This unique combination of customs business and IT expertise sets Vivansa apart in the market, making us the preferred partner for organisations seeking to modernise their Customs operations.

Our success is built on a foundation of constantly evolving service offerings tailored to the specific needs of our clients in the government and industry sectors. We also provide a comprehensive product portfolio designed to resolve customs and global trade compliance issues for companies operating on a global scale. In addition, we continually invest in research and development, specifically in the areas of Customs Law enforcement, trade compliance process digitalisation, and Artificial Intelligence for Compliance Practices.

Our proven track record has established us as a reference in the industry, and we are proud to have established key partnerships with the Top 10 Systems Integrators (SI) active in the EU. These partnerships recognise Vivansa as a partner of choice for successful implementation of large customs projects. We remain committed to sustainable growth and delivering quality results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

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We have a unique Service offering that is tailor-made to the field of Customs & Trade Facilitation.

Meet our management team

Vivien MONTI


Vivien is the founder and co-owner of Vivansa, and currently serves as the acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO). His primary responsibility involves executing the strategic plans and policies established by the Board of Directors. Vivien is widely recognised by his peers as an exceptionally skilled strategist, possessing a clear vision for Vivansa and a profound passion for digital Customs. As a Customs & Global Trade Compliance Advisor, he effectively translates his vision into reality, inspiring the team through his exceptional storytelling abilities and instilling a collective commitment to delivering the utmost success for both the company and, above all, our valued customers.

Jacques PIRET


Jacques is a co-owner of Vivansa and currently serves as the acting Chief Product Officer (CPO). His primary responsibility lies in the strategic management and development of the company’s product portfolio. Jacques plays a pivotal role in shaping the product vision, establishing product strategy, and fostering product innovation. By working closely with cross-functional teams encompassing marketing, engineering, and design, he ensures that the product roadmap precisely aligns with customer requirements and market dynamics. Jacques is a certified Enterprise Architect and possesses an exceptional creative prowess and a distinct ability to envision groundbreaking solutions, delivering utmost customer satisfaction for Vivansa.



Akis currently serves as the acting Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Vivansa, where he assumes the crucial responsibility of overseeing and directing the company’s technology strategy and vision. In his role, Akis plays a vital part in propelling innovation, assessing emerging technologies, and ensuring the alignment of technology initiatives with the organisation’s objectives. Additionally, Akis leads the development team, fosters collaboration, and guarantees the successful implementation of advanced technological solutions. His exceptional aptitude for navigating complex challenges and delivering state-of-the-art solutions has garnered him widespread recognition and admiration from both peers and colleagues.



Olivier is the acting Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Support Officer (CSO). His primary responsibility entails ensuring optimal availability and security of our cloud-based services, organising and maintaining Vivansa’s code base repositories, and providing assistance to deployments. Additionally, Olivier is responsible for overseeing end-user support activities and organising our service desk operations. Through his unwavering dedication to delivering operational solutions, Olivier significantly contributes to Vivansa’s reputation as a reliable Technology Service Provider, renowned by our customers for delivering stable solutions and exceptional support services.