About us

Vivansa delivers high-class advisory services and technology solutions to organisations facing Customs & Global Trade Compliance digitalisation challenges. Vivansa is widely known as ‘The eCustoms People’ as its bright professionals are passionate about putting their expertise and enthusiasm into addressing complex Customs compliance problematics. Vivansa relies on a workforce of 30+ professionals composed of Customs business experts and IT specialists with strong knowledge in Customs & Trade compliance. This combination of both Customs business and IT expertise makes Vivansa absolutely unique on the market and a company of choice for organisations facing Customs modernization challenges.

Vivansa has constant growth and achieves sustainable development through:

> A service offering in constant evolution and tailored to the specific needs of our Customers from both government and industry sectors;

> A product portfolio focused on addressing the Global Trade Compliance challenges faced by companies operating globally;

> Continuous R&D investments in the specific fields of Customs Law enforcement, trade compliance processes digitalization, and Artificial Intelligence applied to Compliance Practices enablement.

Vivansa also established key partnerships with Top 10 Systems Integrators (SI), which recognise Vivansa as a partner of choice to complete large Customs projects.

Our IT experts know a lot about Customs, and our Customs experts are deep into the Code.

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We have a unique Service offering that is tailor-made to the field of Customs & Trade Facilitation.

With respect to the public sector, Vivansa is focused on providing Customs expertise – both business and IT – in reference to the Union Customs Code (UCC) and Multi-Annual Strategy Plan (MASP) alignment with a strong focus on Single Window services, Trans-European Systems (TES) implementation, Safety & Security Services, Roadmap for eCustoms.

From the private sector side, Vivansa supports Economic Operators in addressing customs compliance issues and streamlining the global supply chain execution with a specific focus on Customs data management and (both B2B and B2G) Customs processes automation.

Vivansa helps its Customers bring their Customs systems to the next level.

Meet our management team

Vivien MONTI


Vivien is the founder and co-owner of Vivansa. As CEO, Vivien’s executive function is to carry out the strategic plans and policies established by the board of directors. Vivien is acknowledged by his peers as a talented strategist. He has the vision for Vivansa in his head, the passion for digital Customs in his heart, and he successfully plays them out in real life as Customs & Global Trade Compliance Advisor. Vivien is a great storyteller who communicates his passion to the team and makes everyone willing to give the best for the success of the company which is also, and above all, the success of our Customers.

Jacques PIRET


Jacques is co-owner of Vivansa. As CIO / CTO, Jacques’ executive function is to set and lead the company’s technology strategy and provide an executive-level interface between the technology department and the rest of the business. His function is to look at emerging technologies and make sure the company stays ahead of change to our customers’ benefit. Jacques is a certified Enterprise Architect and an extremely creative “guru-type” thinker who makes the magic happen as he stays behind all technical solutions and drives the company’s innovation.



Olivier leads the Vivansa’s Global Support & Cloud Infrastructure team for about 20 years. As CSO, Olivier’s executive function is to supervise end-user support activities, ensure our cloud-based services optimal availability, get involved in products corrective and evolutive maintenance and organise our service desk. Thanks to his total commitment to delivering operational solutions, Olivier strongly contributes to Vivansa being recognised by its Customers as a reliable Technology Service Provider delivering outstanding support services.