lxr.CCN provides the best Value for Money.

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No licence cost, only subscribe to support.

lxr.CCN is made available under a perpetual, non-transferable, non-sublicensable licence through which the Licensee can benefit from all offered features at no cost. However, organisations having an operational usage of lxr.CCN (whatever it concerns a development, acceptance, or production activity) are required to subscribe to our support service to benefit from regular updates and expert assistance.

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Select the support plan that best answers your needs

Freemaximum 2 Server Instances allowed
  • All features
  • *
  • 1 named contact point
  • *
  • 3-month evaluation period (with possible extension)
  • *
  • Support hours: 09:00 - 17:00 CET, Mon-Fri (except on public holidays in Belgium)
  • *
  • Ticket handling: best effort
€1.199per month / per Server Instance
  • All features
  • *
  • 24h access to support portal with:
  • - Unlimited number of contact points
  • - Unlimited number of support requests
  • *
  • Support hours: 8:30 - 18:30 CET, Mon-Fri (except on public holidays in Belgium)
  • *
  • Ticket handling: priority
  • *
  • Corrections and fixes
  • *
  • Software updates
SLA Specific
---As per agreement established between the parties
  • All features
  • *
  • For organisations having specific requirements that are not covered by Standard and Premium class of support (e.g. support during the week-ends, 24/7 call-back assistance, etc.).
  • *
  • Subject to specific bilateral agreement.

Note 1: Pricing is considered for 1 Organisation (e.g. NL Customs) and 1 Channel (e.g. CCN1). See also our General Terms & Conditions.

Note 2: For support renewal, pricing may be reviewed annually on 01-Jan and subject to the Belgian harmonised Consumer Price Index (CPI).

About lxr.CCN Server Instances:

Last updated: 13-Oct-2021

  • A Server Instance (SI) corresponds to an active execution of lxr.CCN. In an Oracle WebLogic environment, what is considered as a Server Instance is a deployment of lxr.CCN on a WebLogic domain without clustering, regardless of the number of managed servers running in the WebLogic domain.

    Example #1: If you decide to have one WebLogic domain (without clustering) for all EU applications and/or for several environments (e.g. dev, acc, prod), that’s one lxr.CCN Server Instance.

    Example #2: If you decide to have one WebLogic domain (without clustering) for the Taxation applications and one Weblogic Domain (without clustering) for the Customs applications, that’s two lxr.CCN Server Instances.

    Example #3: If you choose to create a WebLogic cluster where each managed server is replicated once, you’ll need two lxr.CCN Server Instances as well.

  • A Server Instance has nothing to see with physical CPUs (= processors). One Server Instance of lxr.CCN can therefore be executed on a machine running multiple CPUs without any impact on the number of lxr.CCN Server Instances.

  • The decision to increase the number of (simultaneously active) Server Instances of lxr.CCN is usually determined by design considerations pertaining to performance (to process high volume of messages), segregation of traffics, and security.

  • One single Server Instance of lxr.CCN can serve multiple environments (prod, acc, test, dev1, dev2, etc.) as long as they are configured in the same (Weblogic) Domain.

  • The support & maintenance pricing is determined by 4 factors:

    1) The Class of Support (Standard, Premium, SLA Specific).

    2) The number of Server Instances.

    3) The number of Organisations (e.g. DG TAXUD, MSA1, MSA2, etc.). One single organisation may involve multiple Data Centres.

    4) The number of Channels (SPEED2 | CCN1 | CCN2). The SPEED2 channel only applies to DG TAXUD.

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