Services to National Authorities and EU Institutions

We help European Commission and National Authorities achieve their eCustoms business objectives.

As the eCustoms environment in the EU continues to develop and assumes greater complexity, the EU Commission and National Authorities responsible for eCustoms implementation are facing an evolving set of challenges.

Effective identification, preparation for, and management of these challenges
remains a high priority, and covers a wide scope of topics ranging from the strengthening of controls to tackle fraud and security risks, greater monitoring of EU customs law, improving efficiency, harnessing innovation, optimising the usability of electronic customs systems, addressing eCommerce, preparing for BREXIT, and continuing to work with international partners in the field of customs.

The eCustoms reform remains a dynamic process as the EU Commission continues to consolidate a new legal framework for the Customs Union with new working methods and IT tools, in partnership with National Authorities.

MASP and UCC Transition

Support to UCC Roadmap
Support for SOA Adoption for eCustoms
Data Harmonisation
TAXUD UCC Process Models on-boarding
Support to Trade Facilitation
Ready-to-Compose Software Assets

Customs Systems Implementation

Enterprise Architecture (EA) Expertise
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Expertise
Business Process Modelling (BPM) Expertise
Master Data Management (MDM) Expertise
Software Development
Assets Management & Support

CCN/CSI and CCN2 Transition

Harmonisation of CCN/CSI-based connectivity
Guidance to Application Design for CCN2
CCN2 Training

Specialised Trainings

Essentials of Customs
Essentials of Customs Valuation
Union Customs Code and MASP
Essentials of Customs Trans-European Systems (TES)
Essentials of the Excise Movement Control System (EMCS)
ARIS Business Architect – Business Process Modelling Fundamentals
ARIS Business Architect – Taking over EU Customs Business Processes

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