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How much is your company losing on Customs duties overpayment?

Trade tariffs come as a direct hit to your organisation in the form of an immediate impact on your cash flow. Such costs can swiftly erode your profit margin, ultimately dulling your competitive edge.

Previously seen as a back-office / support function, Trade & Customs Compliance is now part of the C-level discussion and has become a crucial aspect of strategic, operational and financial decisions.

In light of the current climate (trade wars, Brexit, Free Trade Agreements, Tariffs, etc.), a manual or spreadsheet-based customs function or a total reliance on brokers has become obsolete. The necessity to step up your organisation’s operations is more crucial than ever.

Trade & Customs Compliance and Export Control Advisory

Adoption of Customs Compliance practices

It is of a vital importance that your organisation adopts sound Customs Compliance practices whether this is to comply with the law or streamline processes to gain in productivity.


The expected benefits are:

> Avoidance of fines and penalties

> Reduction of risk of business disruption

> Higher profitability through business processes optimisation

> AEO certification readiness.

However, adopting Customs Compliance practices can become a time-consuming and complex work. It happens very often that companies try to adapt their information systems to comply, yet having the impression to be getting nowhere…

What we can do to help your company...

Vivansa experts can accompany your company during its digital transformation to emerge even stronger. We assist to the identification of the Customs Compliance Control Points (CCCP) and the implementation of related Customs Compliance Measures (CCM) for each Customs Compliance Function (CCF) in scope, whether it concerns Supplier Assessment, Product Certification, Pre-filing, filing, post-filing, auditing and reporting.

Export Controls

When it comes to the transfer of goods, technology and services to foreign parties, the regulations are very complex (more specifically those of the United States). Many agencies administer and enforce export and sanctions rules against a shifting landscape of export control reform, which affects companies worldwide.

What are the risks?

The cost of non-compliance or violations is high. In addition to steep fines and penalties, it can include debarment, denial of export privileges — a severe blow for export-heavy business models — and reputational damage. It can also expose organisations and individuals to serious civil and criminal penalties.

What we can do to help your company...

Our team includes dedicated specialists with extensive export controls and trade sanctions knowledge. We understand the US government’s expectations, reform trends and compliance regulations — and we work together with you to understand the implications for your organisation.

Support to AEO Certification


  • Are you a business established in the European Union with international trade activities?
  • Do you seek to simplify your interactions with Customs?
  • Do you wish to be seen as an internationally recognised company that provides reliable services with effective customs controls and in full compliance with the international Laws?


What we can do to help your company...

Our experts will assist you to acquire the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certificate that will allow your company to operate in the international supply chain in a faster way, having the privilege to use simplified Customs procedures and in many cases “fast-track” shipments.

There are three types of AEO Certificates: Customs Simplifications (AEO-C), Security and Safety (AEO-S), and Combined Customs Simplifications/Security and Safety (AEO-F).

Our experts will assist you to decide which is the most appropriate for your type of business, will work with your people on the acceptance criteria and will guide you through to the internal operations and procedures upgrades that may be needed so to meet the criteria.

Moreover, Vivansa your reliable partner will be by your side not only to obtain the AEO Certificate but also to maintain over time the standards granted in your authorisation.

Customs Compliance Automation

In view of the Challenges of Global Trade, the Customs Compliance is becoming more digitised and automated. This way, your business can remain competitive while consistently improving the supply chain processes, downsizing the cycle times, lowering costs and being capable to satisfy the increasing customer demands.


What we can do to help your company...

Our experts’ team will become your valuable partner to right-size your Customs Compliance Automation in order to improve business, costs and quality. They will work together with your people to identify which processes can and should be automated, which automation is the right one for your business and finally which is the expected outcome from customs compliance automation.

We will deal with the hundreds of laws and regulations applicable to your business and will identify those complicated processes that will require extra attention and effort for their automation together with the tangible and intangible benefits.

Vivansa will be your partner in this trip of identifying and building/integrating the right Customs Compliance Automation solution so for your people to always stay fully up-to-date on new regulations, monitor compliance processes and focus on rather growing business instead.

Together we will upgrade or build the right automated compliance management tools so for your business to proactively mitigate risk, use better resources and time and save money. Most importantly, will increase or build credibility with new customers and partners by providing unparalleled services to them.

BREXIT transition

The Trade Agreement between the EU and the UK, which was finalised in December 2020, provides much-needed certainty and clarity regarding the legal framework for trading with the UK. The agreement has been provisionally applied since January 1, 2021. While tariffs and quotas on goods trade are generally avoided, new Customs and immigration rules and procedures are in force, and several “grey areas” in regulation and data treatment remain to be clarified.

Businesses need to adapt to post-Brexit rules...

Manufacturers and transport providers are moving ahead to implement the new rules. Inevitably, much of this is “learning by doing”, and the first weeks of business since 1 January have begun to show some of the realities and obstacles that Brexit has brought. Companies have discovered that the Agreement has created several (expected and unexpected) operational changes that make trade more difficult than before. EU businesses have to adapt to a changing environment through 2021 as the UK has announced a series of measures to stage the implementation on the customs requirements for products arriving from the EU, as well as phase-in periods for the UK’s new regulatory regime around product safety and chemicals. The EU has also announced that additional flexibilities for the documentary evidence necessary to qualify for rules of origin will be granted in the first year of the application of the UK-EU TCA. However exact details on this have yet to be confirmed.


What we can do to help your company...

Our experts will support you to review and assess your current customs and logistics arrangements.

They will advise you in improving these arrangements and adopting them so to comply with post-Brexit requirements.

And together with your teams, they will help you identify the necessary (digital) transformations required to comply with post-Brexit rules and turn these transformations into a competitive advantage for your company. Indicative points of interest are Strategic overview and Planning, Development of Engagement strategies and implementation plan in terms of resources, processes and procedures, Automation and Monitoring tools, training required, objectives and tactics.

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