Benefit from our expertise in the field of ARIS in order to support the Business Process Modelling (BPM) initiatives across your organization.

How you can benefit from us

Our expertise covers the full ARIS product family including: ARIS Architect, ARIS Simulation, ARIS SOA Architect, ARIS Governance platform, ARIS BCS, ARIS ABC, ARIS IT Architect and ARIS Business Publisher. Moreover, Vivansa has a proven track record in using those products together with various methodologies such as ITIL, TOGAF, and (DG TAXUD-related) TEMPO.

Vivansa’s experts can also support your organization in the administration and configuration of ARIS Server and Database structures, development of specific reports using ARIS Script, Java, C++, integration of ARIS products with other application systems, data management – migration, archiving, back-up and recovery and user management.

Vivansa also provides users, administrators and developers with a full range of ARIS/BPM trainings, thus offering a practical usage of ARIS Business Architect, ARIS Simulation, ARIS BCSS, ARIS IT Architect and ARIS Business Publisher.

You can check them out in the training field of our website.