lxr.CCN : a solution to smoothly migrate JCSI applications

As announced by the DG TAXUD, the JCSI stack will be decommissioned soon (the current deadline is set 31-Mar-2021). This means that National Administrations running EU applications still using the JCSI stack will be required to migrate each of them to the (new) NJCSI stack, which can reveal a complex and costly activity.

This migration effort can be considerably reduced by making use of lxr.CCN as a gateway solution. Indeed, instead of migrating each EU application from JCSI to NJCSI, National Administrations making use of lxr.CCN are offered the possibility to establish a standard Web Service (WS) channel with lxr.CCN, which is far easier than establishing multiple point-to-point NJCSI links with the CCN Gateway. This is possible thanks to the standard, loosely coupled interface offered by lxr.CCN to securely handle communications flows with the CCN Network.

With the lxr.CCN option (as illustrated below), there is no need anymore for a CSI stack (whether JCSI or NJCSI) running at EU application level, since the CSI communication with the CCN Gateway is handled by lxr.CCN, which is already NJCSI compatible.

Interested in a free evaluation of lxr.CCN as a valuable option to the JCSI to NJCSI migration? Please do not hesitate to contact us

Visit also https://vivansa.com/solutions/lxrccn/features/ for more information about lxr.CCN


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