AAM/Vivansa at the forefront of the Serbian Customs computerisation

BELGRADE; September 15, 2017 — The Consortium AAM/Vivansa has been awarded a new contract by the Customs Administration of Serbia (CAS) in order to provide technical assistance for establishing the Institutional Framework for the Implementation of the Automated Import System (AIS) / Automated Export System (AES). The initial assignment (covering the Sep. 17 – Sept 19 period) is to contribute to strengthening CAS capacity through the introduction and the implementation of EU standards and practices, thus creating the necessary conditions to the successful implementation of AIS, AES and Customs Authorisation (Decision) Management Information system in the Republic of Serbia.

About Serbian Customs. Being a candidate country, Serbia is on its way to achieve harmonisation with EU standards and procedures. As the new European legislation – Union Customs Code (UCC) – came into force, further enhancement of the Serbian Customs systems is required. In accordance with the prioritisation outlined within the  Serbian Customs IT strategy, Automated Import System (AIS), Automated Export System (AES) and Customs Decision System have to be implemented.

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