Vivansa involved in building the EU Single Window Environment for Customs

BRUSSELS; April 16, 2018 — Vivansa, under its participation to DG TAXUD projects, is being involved in the computerisation of the Single Window (SW) components and Certificates. Vivansa consultants, being experts in Customs modelling under the ARIS Modelling Platform, are responsible for the Business Analysis, the Business Modelling, the processes implementation as well as for the production of all the supporting documents for FLEGT Certificate, COI Certificate, CHED-PP Certificate. They are also responsible for the CVED/CED migration.

This activity is of major significance for the full implementation of the “Single Window” vision of DG TAXUD and affects also a number of other eCustoms existing systems such as the National Customs Declaration Processing Systems, ICS, UCC NCTS, UCC AES, National Single Windows in Member States and CS/RD2.

According to the definition as presented by DG TAXUD, the Single Window is defined as “a facility which allows parties involved in trade and transport to lodge standardised information and documents with a single entry point to fulfil all import, export and transit-related regulatory requirements (cf.UNECE recommendation 33). If information is electronic, then individual data elements should be submitted only once. The EU Single Window environment for Customs is focused on Customs formalities and involves stakeholders dealing with cross-border movement of goods, DG AGRI, DG ENV and DG SANTE and their respective legislation.

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