TAXUD awards Unisys/Steria/Vivansa CCN2-DEV Contract

BRUSSELS; September 10, 2013 — The Taxation and Customs Union Directorate General (DG TAXUD) has awarded the Storia Nova consortium (composed of Unisys Belgium and Steria Benelux and the following subcontractors: Accenture, Oracle Belgium, TIBCO Software and Vivansa) the contract ref. TAXUD/2011/AO-13 for the “Provision of services to cover the specification, development, maintenance and third level support of CCN/CSI and CCN2 (CCN2-DEV)”

The contract was awarded following an invitation to tender issued by DG TAXUD. The CCN2-DEV contractor will take over every existing CCN/CSI-related development, evolutive or corrective maintenance duties of the CCN/TC except daily operation duties which are within the scope of the already published ITSM2 call for tenders (TAXUD/2010/AO-13, OJ S 189-308057).
Total estimated value of CCN2 contract is 69 MEUR.

Vivansa will work as a subcontractor Unisys Belgium and Steria Benelux.

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